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One of the strengths of Glover’s Bakery is the long service of many of its employee’s. For a Company that has been trading for 31 years, there are many who have worked for over 10 years continuous service, this is approx a third of the workforce, some have been here 20 years.

General Manager - Tony Bain
Tony has worked for Glover’s Bakery since 12 August 1984, but has been involved in the baking industry long before then. Tony worked with Alf at another leading bakery company in the North West, before joining Glover’s Bakery.

Tony's position within Glover's Bakery include Purchasing, Health & Safety, Training and Quality Assurance.

Company Secretary & Business Development - Stephanie Bowker
Stephanie has worked for Glover’s since before leaving school, volunteering to work in the shops in the family business whilst still at school.

Stephanie’s responsibilities now include creating all the point of sale material that is seen in the shops and this internet site that you are now reading. Stephanie is a skilled cake decorator and enjoys cake decorating and photography. The next area that Stephanie will be looking at will be the creation of a cake studio.

Accounts & Payroll - Andrea Beirne
Andrea is a relatively new recruit to the management team; having been employed since 7 July 2003. Andrea’s involvement with the business, however, goes back long before then as she enjoyed working for the family business in the shops when she was at school.

Andrea has a great deal of responsibility in making sure that the business is able to meet everyone’s financial requirements.

Bakery Manager - Richard Griffiths
Richard has worked for many years in the bakery trade, and has worked for Glover’s Bakery since 9 April 2001. Richard has the total responsibility for making sure that enough products are made on time at the right quality each day.

Being a proud Welsh speaking Welshman who teaches Rugby League to youngsters, Richard is a valuable member of the management team. Richard is normally the first to have to respond to customer requirements, especially in emergencies, i.e. an order that has been overlooked or someone in the bakery has performed a King Alfred and the products have to be remade. Just as with playing Rugby, Richard is not one to shy away from any problem and takes things head-on and in his stride.

Retail Sales Manager – Debbie King
Debbie first started work at Glover’s on 14th August 2000 as the first manager of our Pemberton shop when it was opened. Debbie has worked for many years within the retail trade and has gained a lot of retailing experience that enabled her to be promoted to the position of Retail Sales Manager when it became available in 2006.

Debbie’s job has many responsibilities and is at the forefront for the business. Her skills have to be passed onto the other members of staff at the 6 separate sites. This is not easy, as the 6 shops are spread out far and wide and there are many times when Debbie has to move from shop to shop each day to make sure that everything is right.

Wholesale Sales Manager – Louise Taylor
Louise started working for Glovers Bakery as a Saturday Girl nearly 30 years ago, but more recently joined the company in January 2000 as Retail Sales Manager.  Louise left the company in August 2006 to set up her own small business before rejoining us in January 2011 to take up the role of Wholesale Sales Manager.




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